World description for Asim missing from Drinax: Trojan Reach?

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World description for Asim missing from Drinax: Trojan Reach?

Postby egoaz2ca » Sun Mar 04, 2018 11:31 pm

Asim isn't in the Tlaiowaha sector section of the book. Is it located elsewhere in the book(s)?
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Re: World description for Asim missing from Drinax: Trojan Reach?

Postby arcador » Tue Mar 13, 2018 4:12 pm

Indeed, but part of its story is listed with a few sentences in the Drinnax section.

Also on page 6 (the origin), there are a few more lines about Asim.
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Re: World description for Asim missing from Drinax: Trojan Reach?

Postby paltrysum » Tue Mar 13, 2018 4:25 pm

*** SPOILER ALERT. If you're a player in a Drinax campaign, read no further. I don't want to make your ref mad. :) ***

There's precious little info about the system, but a few things we do know:
  • It's an agricultural world and its chlorophyll is brown, so instead of intense greenery, there is intense brownery in regions of growth.
  • Drinax reconquered Asim about 20 years prior to the events of "Pirates of Drinax." After the hydroponics systems in Drinax's gardens failed to create the needed produce, they went to Asim for help. When Asim's Foundation (their government at the time) balked, Drinax sent the Star Guard over in their battledress to conquer the system. Let's just say it was a cakewalk for the TL-14 Drinaxi forces.
  • Prince Harrick was mortally wounded in the battle when his shuttle crashed on the surface of Drinax. His body was recovered, he was frozen in a low berth with barely a spark of life left, and he was brought back to Drinax where they regenerated his body, cell by cell. Only recently has he returned to consciousness. He's a bit of a modern "Rip van Winkle," waking up to a new age.
  • The conquest of Asim is one of King Oleb's greatest regrets. Given that he wants the travellers to use the Harrier to make friends among their neighbors and draw them into the fold with largesse, he seems to have regretted that Drinax used military power to force Asim back into the Kingdom.
  • The previous government was called "The Foundation," paying homage to the magnum opus sci-fi series of the planet's namesake, Isaac Asimov. The Foundation presented themselves as psychohistorians who predicted that Asim's destiny was to one day rule the stars. They were charlatans and it isn't clear that the populace of Asim ever got wise to them, they dissipated after being reconquered by Drinax, or they still exist in some shape or form.
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