What should I tell her?

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What should I tell her?

Postby JMISBEST » Sun Mar 04, 2018 4:44 pm

A friend of mine finished Pirates of Drinax yesterday, as of writing this, but due to sheer good luck for her Players and Bad Luck for her what should have been a very hard for the players to win battle was a piece of cake for them

The main problem was that they captured, very early on, The 69,700 ton Aslan unique super-heavy Bomber/Cruiser Combi with A Task Chain of The Ex Pirate Pc using Tactics -Piracy+Int to cause a distraction whilst Vallis and Faihlokh boarded, then Vallis using Leadership+Edu to draw most of the crew away by faking major attacks on vital parts of The Ship and Faihlokh using Melee+Str to attack and take the lightly defended real-target, due taking the ship and all 3 of them where Augumented for those tasks and had had that tactic in place for roughly 16.83 of The 63.29 years the campaign lasted for and that planning as a precaution had nothing to do with any knowledge of the course of the campaign

Now Drinax is once again a independant Nation of 96 worlds, 5 of them Aslan and 2 of them Zhodani, across 72 Star Systems and 10 Subsectors. Has 9,034 regular ships that range from 100 tons to 7,900 tons and 6 capital ships in the form of A 9,200 ton version of The Ritchey from Adventure 6 that they got with The Zhodanni's help after doing adventure 9 1st, A 11,600 ton version of The 2,000 ton Escort Carrier they saved up for over 10 years, The 30,000 ton Megafreighter from Adventure 6 that they converted into A Medium Cruiser, A 33.300 Custom Build Fairly Heavy Cruiser that Drinax got by trading in almost all of its treasures, The 50,000 ton Super-Heavy Freighter The Yarrow that Drinax converted into A Heavy Carrier and The 69,900 Ton Super-Heavy Bomber they captured in the last battle

Great I know. But due to how easy the sheer amount of good luck her players had and bad luck she had they and she want advise on how to at least try and make something not covered in The Rules that whilst it doesn't have to destroy Drinax or the players characters will, they and I hope, be a final battle or something similiar that is a fitting, suitable, worthy and satisfactory ending to the campaign. Ideas please and thank you.
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Re: What should I tell her?

Postby ShawnDriscoll » Sun Mar 04, 2018 9:44 pm

I would try the campaign again using 18-year-old farmboy and stowaway characters.
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Re: What should I tell her?

Postby RogerMc » Sat Mar 17, 2018 9:58 am

To me that is boardgame territory and I'd break out Fifth Frontier War or Imperium and use those rules.

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