Looking for advice in my Drinax campaign.

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Looking for advice in my Drinax campaign.

Postby Bulletsponge » Sun Mar 04, 2018 1:58 pm

My players are involved in the Treasure Ship mission at the moment and here is what has happened. The players got hired on Arunisiir as a fill-in medic with his medic 3 score (since their previous doc got dead) and with the engineering and mechanical skills.
They instructed the crew of the Harrier to follow.
They intercepted Henshaws message and eventually cornered her, got the story of Felmar, but did not turn her in.
They found out Salvesdes was planning something and confronted him and developed a plan to assist the marine. So, (before leaving Acrid) I had Salvesdes kill the junior astrogator and frame the doctor player for the crime (as suggested in the mission.) So, one of the players has been framed for murdering a junior officer.
I figured, they would try and clear their name and uncover the plot of the pirates.
This is where it went wrong. The players decided to flee. They managed to get aboard their harrier and escape. No one on the Martin II knew of the harrier, so they just left world and waited for the Martin II to leave as well.
They sent an anonymous message to the Martin II explaining how salvesdes was planning to take the bridge. After a while, the Martin II left and jumped to Exe.
Then the players took too long to follow, by time they arrived in Exe, the Hroal pirates had attacked the Martin II and failed, because they had to deal with the escort ships.
So, the players opened a communication with the Martin II, because now the player wants to clear his name.

(Maybe I made some mistakes here, but I own my referee decisions.)
Torsa asked that the player turn himself in and he would be given a trial. The player refused and tried to argue his case.
I figured the comms operator could locate the harrier's location and made some high rolls.
The remaining escort ship moved to intercept, a small space combat broke out and the players jumped out.
Not wanting to completely lose the rest of the adventure, I had them spot Osha on Tech-World. They took the bait and followed her to her meeting with Aparo. They learned of the GeDeCo's plot and offered that if Osha would vouch for the player's innocence, they would assist in planting the document (of course they don't know what's in the document).
That is where we left off and where I am wondering how this is going to play out.
The players want another chance at boarding the Martin II and this is, entirely, their plan. But they got in a fight with an Imperium escort ship and did substantial damage where some crew lost their lives. How is that forgivable? They did foil the plot of the pirates which saved the lives of the Martin II's crew.
As a referee, I want to allow my players to make decisions on their own, but I'm afraid if I let them do this, their next mission is a trial followed by prison life, or worse.
I am open to suggestions and appreciate, in advance, your input. Thank you!
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Re: Looking for advice in my Drinax campaign.

Postby HalC » Sun Mar 04, 2018 3:56 pm

The biggest problem is proving their innocence of the crime that started it all. In the incident with the naval ship - who opened fire first? If they tried to warn the general authorities of an issue, and were fired upon first, that may work out In T their favor. If any of the characters has any legal skills, have them roll and if successful, lay out their options.

Entice them to finish the adventure as a means of getting a lesser sentence or possibly getting off from the consequences of their actions. Maybe you can borrow from the movie "The Three Musketeers" and have a document acting as a pardon for the unspecified crimes of its bearer. You could lead them down the path of seeming redemption, take them for trial, have them convicted of resisting arrest, be found guilty of aggravated manslaughter and felony destruction of property...

Then, as they are transported from the court, they are delivered to a destination other than the prison, and released with the warning "if you ever come back, you will be hunted and killed without mercy."

no explanation as to who arranged their release, or why. Don't EVER break down and explain it, let them theorize as much as they want. Keep it a mystery. Then, someday in the future, maybe?

"Remember when I saved you from prison? You are needed now."

i don't own the adventure of even have a hint of what is involved. Authorities are almost never amused when they are flouted, especially if lives are lost. Using advocate to determine potential paths or consequences might hold out a day of hope that they can avoid having a bounty placed on their heads. If they become fugitives, they will need new identites. They won't be able to get bank loans.

Now for the fun part...

Officially, they're wanted by Imperial authorities. What if, ONI (Office of Naval Intelligence), convinced that the player characters are ultimately redeemable, offers them a chance at an Imperial Pardon by a director Duke, but only if they complete a hazardous undercover mission?

If not the ONI, then perhaps some other agency such as Imperial Justice or something like that? Having bins fides as wanted criminals might make them a uniquely situated asset that the Imperials will offer them a mission and the hope of redemption.

If you want? Pick up FANTASY GROUNDS and email me such that we can chat real time and refine your options as a GM. Fantasy Grounds is a virtual tabletop software package that is free (demo version is free, ultimate licence costs money, but permits the holder to run games for demo holders).

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Re: Looking for advice in my Drinax campaign.

Postby MonkeyX » Sun Mar 04, 2018 4:32 pm

GEtting aboard the ship is possible as it says so in the arunsiir part of the adventure, but if the entire group are wanted having them at the opening of the vault may be a problem. If the PCs are successful and the GeDeCo plan goes through then there will be a lot of Aslan tension. Maybe revealing that GeDeCo planned something will buy some leyway with the imperium. Of course beng wanted by the imperium is just the hook to draw the PCs into the Devils Eye adventure later so you may want that hanging over them.
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Re: Looking for advice in my Drinax campaign.

Postby Bulletsponge » Tue Mar 06, 2018 3:44 pm

Thank you both for your input. Your ideas Hal have given me some new ideas. I just hope the players make better choices. We'll find out tonight.

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