Whats Wrong with the Ship V1

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Whats Wrong with the Ship V1

Postby CyborgPrime » Fri Jan 19, 2018 4:18 am

Whats Wrong with the Ship V1
d66 Malfunctions for a Neglected Starship

What happens when you don't keep up on maintenance, had a crash landing, combat damage, salvage a derelict ship, or need a pre-purchase inspection? Try this chart of damaged systems and repair estimates.

Whatever the reason your ship is damaged, this chart will help fill in the important details! Don’t get stuck making stuff up on the fly – just use this chart.

Each diagnostic is done by a certified professional Starship Engineer and comes with a repair quote. So, whether your ship's port backup life support transducer is not working right (12KCr) or your forward emergency sensor dampener is dead (20 KCr), experienced technicians and engineers will have you space-worthy in no time!

Please enjoy! If you like this expansion and use it, please leave a kind comment.


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Whats Wrong with the Ship V1

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