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What would be a good network, supplies and planets?

Posted: Wed Nov 29, 2017 2:22 pm
I am toying with A Drinax Idea where, if it goes as planned, Drinax nets Simok, Tech-World and at least 3 others by setting up a network where Simok's Pharoh gets treatment to become Sterile again so as not to end his dynasty and so that Tech-World, Drinax and at least 3 other worlds exchange with 2 or more of the other worlds thinks that they have surplus of that the others need and via that trade agreement Drinax gets, after showing Bryni how worthy they are, Bryni, Simok, Tech-World and at least 3 other worlds with no shots fired, no-one hurt or killed and only 2 to 3 years work

Hows that sound, what worlds do you suggest for the other 3, or more, worlds and what supplies would you suggest trading between those worlds