Exiting Jump Space - Arrival Procedure

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Exiting Jump Space - Arrival Procedure

Postby Panteleone » Thu Oct 26, 2017 1:12 pm

My upcoming game is going to start with the players exiting jump space in their destination system, in this case Pegaton. I'd like to give them a crunchy feel for what transpires within the first few minutes and hours of arrival. Of course, to do that I need to understand it myself so I'm here asking the experts.

My assumed scenario:
[*]Ship arrives, navigation sensors immediately assess if the ship exited jump space where it should have.
[*]Passive sensors begin to do their work. Data on the system's celestial bodies - planets, gas giants, planetoid belts, etc. - is verified with known navigation data. Is everything pretty much were it should be? Etc.
[*]Transponder data from every ship in system is provided courtesy of the closest navigation bouy, if such is available. I'm assuming for starport C and above that it would be.

What else am I missing? System circumstances could cause any number of other activities such as interdiction warnings, customs directives, etc. I know. But what else would routinely occur? I appreciate any feedback in advance.
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Re: Exiting Jump Space - Arrival Procedure

Postby phavoc » Thu Oct 26, 2017 8:18 pm

Upon arrival the ship would contact arrival control and inform the of the cargo and passenger manifest.

Traffic buoys would relay local traffic, but not system traffic because there is no need.

Comma would be established and any communications would be relayed, as would aby inbound mail traffic. News and local events would come, as well as local video reports and such.

The ship may also download local market data and begin arranging sale of any cargo (announcing it on the local trading market) that was speculative. Looking for speculative cargo and posting outbound passenger openinines would also occur at the same time.

If the ship needed fuel, parts, service, ammo, etc, the appropriate personnel would begin making arrangements for all of that.

The port landing pad and warehouse availability would be sent and reservations made for all of the above. Money would be deposited in the local accounts to pay for all this.

CustomS would contact the ship to arrange inspections and passenger manifest reviews. The ship might be halted at the 100 d limit to await clearance or health inspection, or allowed to dick and the inspection. Take place then.
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Re: Exiting Jump Space - Arrival Procedure

Postby Condottiere » Fri Oct 27, 2017 6:08 am

Most likely the sensors remain passive, as they pick up navigation beacons and the computer figures out if you dropped out at the exact spot the astronavigator had calculated, or how far off the mark the ship is, because if someone was waiting, like hijackers, you don't want to tip them off immediately that prey was available.

Then you tune in to the local traffic and weather channels.

In theory, your transponder should be active, and that's not really an issue for systems that are considered secure.

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