So. Where are the Aliens

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Re: So. Where are the Aliens

Postby steve98052 » Wed Sep 20, 2017 6:40 pm

I wouldn't expect Droyne to use krinaytsyu as a punishment or shame thing. Instead, it's a carefully considered practical decision in response to changing conditions. For example:

Leader Oyse: "Congratulations, everyone. Sport Edisk, we would have been lost without your resupply mission. Workers Yovo, Stuyu, Tokrid, Saysa, and Ioyp, we would have starved without your gardens. Technician Ervtroylt, your sensor spoofing clouded their sensors as well as we all clouded their minds. Technician Oksfyolm, your fire control was brilliant. Drones Hilbmold and Mastpav, your medical work kept our Warriors going when they were wounded. Leader Seni, I couldn't have coordinated this all by myself. Most of all, let us mourn Warriors Utosskoyr, Busayes, and Ubmihpo, and celebrate the prowess of Warriors Mororpbyo, Dusobnu, Ussii, and Yomyomu."

All: "We celebrate, Leader Oyse."

Leader Seni: "And we congratulate you, Leader Oyse."

Leader Oyse: "Thank you. Without all our efforts, the humans would have broken our dome, seized our little moon, and denied our clan back home the tungsten we are here to mine. Their sole survivor will dedicate the rest of his life to discouraging further assaults. But we are now short of life support, short of Workers, and need only two Warriors for patrols against other hazards."

Warrior Mororpbyo: "Leader Oyse, my wounds make me less effective for patrol."

Warrior Dusobnu: "Leader Oyse, my size and strength demand too much of our life support resources."

Warrior Ussii: "Leader Oyse, I am old."

Warrior Yomyomu: "Leader Oyse, my wounds may make me a burden on the Drones."

Leader Oyse: "Warrior Dusobnu, Technician Oksfyolm can restore our life support quickly, and our Workers are excellent gardeners. We can support your needs without risk of depletion. Warrior Yomyomu, your wounds should heal before the Drones need to care for the next hatchlings."

Warrior Mororpbyo: "I look forward to krinaytsyu when you grant it.

Warrior Ussii: "Likewise."
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Re: So. Where are the Aliens

Postby Sigtrygg » Wed Sep 20, 2017 7:02 pm

Here is another think about with respect to the Droyne - based on discussions about the Droyne alien module.

Droyne practice ritualised warfare up to a point - warriors only attack other warriors. leaders and sports. Imagine a conflict between a human colony and Droyne natives.

The Droyne only attack those they view as warriors, leaders, or sports. But the humans stupidly target Droyne workers and technicians. The Droyne see this as a declaration of unconditional war and kill every man, woman, child in the colony...

the players arrive to investigate what has happened to the colony and find the native Droyne going about their business and the ruins of the colony...
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Re: So. Where are the Aliens

Postby nats » Sat Oct 28, 2017 2:18 pm

I have never been really interested in the Traveller aliens Ive always thought they were more than a bit corny. But the more I read about them the more I find myself getting very interested to see the Traveller Companion if that is going to have them all in just to see what they are like. I havent been interested in reading loads of separate books about them but if they are all inside one book that would be far more accessible.
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