A new ship design

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A new ship design

Postby JMISBEST » Wed Aug 09, 2017 8:10 pm

Thanks for everyone's help with my questions

I'm using modified versions of 1st editions Portfolio Rules and 2 of 12+3 and 1 or 10+3 gave The Noble Pc A Portfolio worth Cr 50,000,000 x2 and Cr 10,000,000 x1 or Cr 110,000,000 that nets him Cr 375,000 x2 and Cr 50,000 x1 or a total of Cr 800,000 per month

So what is the best ship you can design that is at ideally at least 2,000 tons and has to be at least 1,400 tons that can be got with 53% of The Cr 7.8 billion or Cr 4,775,000 that my friends Pcs got for using The Zhodani to kidnap The Entire Ducal family, faking Drinax rescuing them, getting the ducal family drunk at a party to celebrate the honour of them being their and scientifically guaranteeing getting The Dukes Daughter pregnant with Harrick's Child so that regardless of what happens to Drinax its royal bloodline will 1 day rule most of The Trojan Reach and getting 52.5% of the originally asked for ransom as a reward for passing A 2D6+2 Diplomat+Social Scale with A Double 6+2 or 14 or by +6

Sorry the initial post wasn't 100% accurate. I was waiting for a phone call about a family member that I thought was very poorly. But turned out it was only a visiting tourist with the same 1st name almost the exact same 2nd name/surname, as me and the relation

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