3 things

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3 things

Postby JMISBEST » Sun Aug 06, 2017 7:32 pm

Can you help me with 3 things

1st is a area that I have always struggled with in 2nd but not 1st edition Mongoose Traveller, which was and still is ship designing. Can you design me A 700 ton very heavy Raider variation of The Drinax Harrier. Which should only be very heavily armed and armoured compared with other ships massing 700 tons/its size, not in general

2nd is that 1 of a friend of mines Pc rolled The Floating Palace Life Event that shows he is Oleb's Bastard Son and as he is older that Rao/the named heir the male Pc, as played by his female player, thinks he should be the next king and he and his GM want ideas for running attack on Rao that, if successful, will see her dead and Harrick executed or disowned and exiled for doing it to get the throne, leaving my female friends male character as the next king

3rd is for ideas for Traveller Versions of Redwalls Mice, Mole, Squirrel and Badger Races, refugees for, of and from Drinax will meet, they will be escaped Slaves of Cloony The Scurge and, if freed and recruited as soldiers, could be used as vast numbers of decent soldiers or large number of small technologically weak ships or both. Or could be bought off of Cloony, just to get him off Drinax's back, then freed and have their agricultural skills put to use to produce the materials to mostly please Tech-Worlds and their ships to guard and fully please Tech-World
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Re: 3 things

Postby JMISBEST » Mon Aug 07, 2017 10:23 am

Can I have some ideas and suggestions. Please?
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Re: 3 things

Postby DickTurpin » Wed Aug 09, 2017 6:14 pm

A beefed up version of the Harrier was not too difficult to do, the main issue was choosing which over-the-top goodies to use to fill the extra space. My version may be a bit more heavily armed than you intended, it is a good commerce raider but could double as a small warship as well.

  • Hull: 700 tons, streamlined, Reinforced. 308 hull points, 59.5 MCr.
    Armor: Bonded Super Dense, 6 points. 34 tons, 16.8 MCr.
    Superior Stealth 700 MCr.
    M-Drive: Thrust 6, Energy Efficient 42 tons, 92.4 MCr.
    J- Drive: Jump 2. Early Jump, Stealth Jump. 40 tons, 75 MCr.
    Power: Fusion 15. Power 700 35 tons, 35 MCr.
    Fuel: 1 Jump2 + 8 weeks ops. 147 tons
    Bridge: Holographic Controls. 20 tons, 4.375 MCr.
    Computer: Computer/35/Fib. 45 MCr.
    Sensors: Advanced, Military Countermeasures, Enhanced Signal Processing. 22 tons, 41.4 MCr.
    Weapons: 1 Triple Turret - Beam Laser (Accurate) and two Pulse Lasers (intense Focus, High Yield) 1 ton 4.625 MCr.
    1 Double Turret - 2x Sandcaster 1 ton, 1 MCr.
    2 Missile Barbettes 10 tons, 8 MCr.
    2 Particle Beam Barbette (Very High Yield) 10 tons 20 MCr.
    1 Ion Cannon Barbette (Long Range, High Yield) 5 tons 9 MCr.
    Sand Storage 5 tons
    Missile Storage 25 tons
    High Stateroom:1 (Captain's quarters) 6 hons, 0.8 MCr.
    Stateroom: 8 32 tons 4 MCr.
    Stateroom: 10 (Double Occupancy) 40 tons 5 MCr.
    Low Berth: 20 10 tons, 1 MCr.
    Barracks: 20 10 tons, 0.5 MCr.
    Brig: 4 (!6-32 prisoner capacity) 16 tons 0.1 MCr.
    Common Area: 22 tons 2.2 MCr.
    Cargo134 tons
    Breaching tub: 2 6 tons 6 MCr.
    Forced Linkage Apparatus: 2 tons 0.5 MCr.
    Extra Sensor Station: 2 2 tons 1 MCr.
    Cargo Scoop: 2 tons 0.5 MCr.
    Fuel Scoop:
    Fuel Processor: (all fuel in 1.05 days) 7 tons 0.35 MCr.
    Armoury: 6 tons 1.5 MCr.
    Intellect 1MCr.
    Jump Control/2
    Evade/3 3 MCr.
Total price: MCr 1,140.575
Power requirements 682
Maintenance/moth: Cr 95.047, 9167
Life Support/month: Cr. 92,500 (assumes full occupancy)

  • Crew
    Captain x 1 10,000
    Pilot x 1 6,000
    Astrogator x 1 5,000
    Engineer x 5 20,000
    Maintenance x 1 1,000
    Medic x 1 4,000
    Gunner x 7 14,000
    Steward x 1 2,000
    Administrator x 1 3,000
    Marines x 20 40,000
    Officer x 0 0
    Total/Month 39 105,000 Cr.

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