Jointly Using MgT1e and MgT2e ?

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Jointly Using MgT1e and MgT2e ?

Postby domingojs23 » Sat Jul 08, 2017 2:46 pm

Dear Fellow Travellers,

Just wondering, have any of you run or are running a Campaign where you use both MgT1e and 2e rules / materials in the same sessions ? For example, you may be using either 1e or 2e as your default ruleset, but you may have players coming in with characters or vehicles drawn up in the other edition - and in such a case do you need to have the character / vehicle re-done in your default edition, or not and just adjust "on the fly" if there are any incompatibilities in the course of playing ?

Thanks !

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Re: Jointly Using MgT1e and MgT2e ?

Postby NOLATrav » Sat Jul 08, 2017 6:00 pm

I've been doing exactly this, 1e char gen (I love the Spica Career books for all the civvy career options) and 2e for pretty much everything else. Works great! I have found no issues with moving chars between editions, even NPCs.

I did convert the PC's Marava to 2e but it only took about 10 min and another five to write it up cleanly. Likewise the air/raft, very quick conversion but I may need to revisit it as I fudged it on my own without the 2e vehicles book.

There's still a few things about 2e ships I don't care for (life support costs and a few others bits) so that's where most of my effort has gone - but that's a me thing, not a rules issue.
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Re: Jointly Using MgT1e and MgT2e ?

Postby ShawnDriscoll » Sat Jul 08, 2017 8:12 pm

I borrow, from both editions, the parts I like/need. Any conflict of items/Travellers are fixed on the spot quickly.
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Re: Jointly Using MgT1e and MgT2e ?

Postby steve98052 » Thu Jul 13, 2017 5:20 pm

I mix versions too -- not just Mongoose books but other publishers' books too, and even rules not designed for Traveller. I ran the classic The Kinunir with GURPS Traveller rules, and the classic Research Station Gamma with Savage Worlds rules at a convention, both from the Far Future "big floppy book" reprint. I ran RSG again with Risus rules, as a one-shot with friends.

Results of those efforts:
- GURPS was a bit rules heavy, but the players were used to that. The real problem was that the puzzle aspects of the adventure didn't fit their computer gaming inspired play style, which was, "If violence is not the solution, I'm confused."
- "Savage Traveller" worked well with RSG, until the sole teen player adopted the same trigger-happy style of play, disrupting the fun for those who wanted to play through the mysteries. There is a place for shooting in that adventure, and gun-boy would have been useful it he had waited for that moment. I should have had the war-bot overload its weapons to kill his character, so the adults could get on with the mysteries.
- "Risus Traveller" worked really well, partly because I knew RSG better the second time around, but mostly because the players embraced the adventure's nature: mysteries, with just a little shooting.

Now I'm planning a three-way blend. I'm pre-generating characters with Mongoose, so all the pre-generated characters have an interesting life story. I'm using GURPS Traveller ship design rules and sourcebooks because I like those ship rules best (except maybe the 20% dton cost for streamlining) and SJ Games does fantastic sourcebooks. And for actual play I'll use an extra-light rules system, probably PDQ, PDQ#, or Risus, approximating the Mongoose generated characters in those rules.

Short answer: if I can mix things up that much, mixing two Mongoose editions is really easy.
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Re: Jointly Using MgT1e and MgT2e ?

Postby corsair1973 » Sun Jul 16, 2017 8:36 pm

I use the auto-fire rules from 1e. I just think rolling a dice pool has a better feel than rolling one attack after another as 2e specifies.
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Re: Jointly Using MgT1e and MgT2e ?

Postby SSWarlock » Wed Jul 19, 2017 2:22 pm

corsair1973 wrote:
Sun Jul 16, 2017 8:36 pm
I use the auto-fire rules from 1e. I just think rolling a dice pool has a better feel than rolling one attack after another as 2e specifies.
And rolling a pool helps speed dice rolling up in general. Especially when using different colored pairs of dice.
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