Just how far is too far?

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Just how far is too far?

Postby Hopeless » Sat Apr 15, 2017 9:31 am

I've been wondering about a game idea that i think stretches things a bit too much.

The idea I'm trying to work out involves the discovery of the jump drive but not the traditional travel between star systems version.

The short explanation is that a multi-national attempt to develop the first working manned deep space vehicle was ended in early 2013.

However unknown to many work was continued and successfully built the first working maneuver drive, but it suffered from an odd power build up which was why work was initially ended.

The engineer who got it operational continued researching it eventually figuring out a way to solve the problem and in the process develop the first working in system jump drive.

Since her facility was being shut down her research was supposed to be moved with her back to her old workplace back in Canada.
A rival noticed her successful tests deliberately stole her research but he, her research and her research team was all lost in a plane crash crossing the Atlantic back to the US.

The thing is they recovered her research and the prototype maneuver drive intended for a satellite probe and eventually installed it into a modified successor to the space shuttle.

Unaware that it also included a insystem jump drive let alone using stolen and very likely damaged tech they launched and as it exited the atmosphere it disappeared!

Assuming it blew up, they're caught unawares when NASA is alerted to the discovery of an unknown object apparently orbiting one of Mars moons the kicker is it's broadcasting a video message spoken by Richard Branson.

The satellite probe was intended as a field test of the two drives intending to tether it to one of Mars moons before broadcasting that video back as confirmation of its success.

Never intended to be used by the US ship they're now stranded in Mars orbit their only hope is that NASA can locate the true owner of that stolen tech in hopes they can rescue their astronauts before they run out of oxygen or luck given the drive could have turned where they launched into a new volcanic crater...

Is this too much?

I was thinking 2 characters per player one on the shuttle the other back on Earth, but my original idea was have them be multi-national in origin and they've recently discovered the engineer who was thought to have been aboard that crashed plane is actually still alive and a literal recluse because of the mess that killed her entire research team and allowed the US to get away with stealing her prototype research.

So how would you handle this idea?

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