Aiding another character

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Aiding another character

Postby Jak Nazryth » Thu Mar 30, 2017 6:36 am

So it appears that MgT2 has renamed "Aiding another character" to 'Task Chains"
In all reality these seem to be identical in concept. Even some of the paragraphs are almost word for word the same.
However all the examples are various traveller making skill checks on different skills, which in turn aid the next skill in line.
For instance if makes a good Electroics-computers roll, he gives Kathya a bonus on her Electronic-Sensors roll (page 60 MgT2 core rules)
An example in MgT1 was for a good recon check that would affect the roll of a tactics check, which in turn can effect a stealth and electronics check to bypass security.

But all these are examples of character performing different tasks, which can benefit (or harm) a different activity in the chain of event.

I'm assuming, but have to ask, since this is now called "Task Chains" as apposed to "Aid another" it stresses a chain of different but interlinked activities / tasks.

But if 2 engineers were working on the same power plant together, rolling the same skill "Engineer", can a junior engineer roll to aid the senior engineer? These are not different tasks, and not a chain of events, but the same task. Can one person aid another on the same task?

Minor issue, but it can be important... another simple example... like when two people try to force open a jammed door or rusty bulkhead door together in a space hulk using brute strength for instance. Can one strong guy aid the strongest guy, giving the strongest guy a bonus to his roll?


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