Art: light Grav Fighters

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Art: light Grav Fighters

Postby wbnc » Fri Mar 17, 2017 6:35 pm

Worked up these to a while back, went back and retouched and added some details and interiors

these are light grav fighters, supersonic the first one is a low-tech low-cost version with just barely supersonic capability, twin autocannons, and hardpoints for wing mounted ordnance.
Its primary role would be counter-insurgency, recon, and security patrol duties. or serving as a strike craft for mercenary forces etc...

this one is a stealthier, more advanced model. with an underbelly, streamlined bay for ordnance, and a Gatling laser. improved sensors and electronic warfare systems for added capability.

both are very lightly armored, with increased speed and agility. it would be a higher end counterinsurgency and light strike craft for merc/local security forces and military groupps.

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