CSC Vacc suits protection comparison (2nd ed)

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CSC Vacc suits protection comparison (2nd ed)

Postby arcador » Tue Mar 14, 2017 7:21 pm

I was checking out the armor balance, and this part catches my attention.

In the core rulebook there is a very good balance between regular vacc suit, HEVS and Combat armor. There is a gradual increase.

However, in CSC there are a couple of vacc suits which kind of lack.

The Boarding Vacc Suit - the HEVS is better, with only a partial cost increase, not to mention the other benefits an HEVS has. In 1st edition, the Boarding Vacc suit took gap between the HEVS and the Combat armour.
The Ceramic Combat armor - it is far more expensive than the regular combat armor, and provides less protection (even versus energy attacks).

The other suits have their niches. Even the Rescue Suit is OK, considering it's primary purpose is different than combat.

What do you think?

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