How best to use him?

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How best to use him?

Postby JMISBEST » Mon Feb 27, 2017 1:21 am

I have plans to use A Version of Xanna from my Code Lyoko Dreams were at the end of the 11th series they trap the alternate reality Xanna, who was A Very Charasmatic Dictator who at the height of his career, and between 2,016 and 2,143 and opposed by 6 generations of Lyoko Warriors conqured all of the territories of The 6 major races across 54 alternate realities, had a program that let him appear in the real-world in person, had another program that let him bring Computer Characters to live in the real-worle with Psionic Versions of magical powers, was slowly becoming A Partcipating Democray were his world is still law, but the governments can stop him getting out of hand and he has god-like, not his initial super-being powers, in the real-world, and whilst he has A Activated Tower can survive anything short of a hit from The Traveller Version of The Death Stars Super Laser and could even bring Traveller Versions of enslaved Holedeck Characters brought to life as friends, companions and playmates for young noble and wealthly kids

Anyway the trap caught him between realities for almost 8 millenium, but he has finally escaped and is trapped in our reality, but only has a fraction of his power, but still has all stats at 14/+2, all skills at /4, Psionic Str 23/+5, 2 /4, 2 /2, 1 /6 and 1 /1 Powers, can survive in space and on any planet and has the equivalent of natural Armour 15 VS most weapons and natural Armour 9 VS Spaceship Weapons and seeks The Barrier Keys held by The 1st born child of The 6 Lyoko Warriors direct bloodlines that will allow him to return to his Empire and plot the conqust of existence

The basic plan is that The Pcs will find out about him early on, they are all high nobility, will use their families forces to derail his plans, while they use a device to go to 1 of those alternate realities, nick a time machine, return to our reality, go back in time, at the very least stop Xanna from beinf unleashed and, best case scenario, ensure that he is never released, then they return to their time, marry Sector Dukes Daughters, live happily ever after and end A 2.76 year, not including a 4.4 year cap for other RPG's, real-time or 268.39, thanks to Anathagics, of in-game time Campaign with a all or nothing, do or die sace existence or die trying finalle. But it won't start for at least 17 months and I am seriously in over my head. Thoughts, ideas and advise please

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