Giving HG the VH Treatment

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Giving HG the VH Treatment

Postby EldritchFire » Fri Feb 24, 2017 12:59 pm

I really enjoy the ease of use of the VH—especially the weapons and armour chapters. I was wondering if there was any interest in doing a modified High Guard with a lot of the stuff found in the Vehicle Handbook.

  • Chassis types (small craft, merchant craft, capital craft, etc)
    • Standard manoeuvre rating based on TL
    • Tonnage restrictions
    • Differing hull points per ton
    • Example craft
    • Specific options for said chassis type
  • Pretty much the entire Armour chapter
  • Weapon rules
    • ability to mount more weapons then the HP/FP limit
    • Weapons taking up tonnage
    • Light turrets being usable with only 'turret' weapons
    • Barbettes becoming large turrets
    • INternaly bays will need to be renames, since bay weapons are a thing
    • Actual hardpoints
    • Double/triple linked weapons as on pg45, not specific turrets for each
    • Maybe base fire control per weapon instead of beam weapons being DM+4 and burst being DM+2 by default
  • Tonnage per crew instead of specific-sized cockpits/bridges

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