Infantry Mortar & Special Ammo

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Infantry Mortar & Special Ammo

Postby EldritchFire » Wed Feb 22, 2017 12:44 pm

Can the infantry mortar (CSC page 127) use the spécialised ammo from chapter 14?

The ammo chapter says that , "heavy weapons may not use the ammunition in this chapter, unless otherwise stated in their description." Many of the heavy weapons explicitly call out that they "may use the variant ammunition types found in the Ammunition chapter" or call out the special ammo it may use—like "[f]ield guns may use canister rounds (see page 139)" (pg129).

The infantry mortar, however, doesn't have any of that specificallyity in it's description. It just says, "[a] light man-portable support weapon capable of launching small explosive bombs (or other munitions, including smoke)."

It's the part in parenthesis that gets me. "Or other munitions." I'm assuming that means any of the ammo in chapter 14, yes?
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