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Core Rules - Recoil and Heft

Posted: Sat Feb 11, 2017 9:21 pm
by Jak Nazryth
I just noticed that MgT2 removed Recoil and Heft, which was part of MgT1
Bulky and Very Bulky seems to have taken it's place.

Because recoil ranged from -1 to +3 on standard guns, which to me seems a smoother curve than a 2 step modifier.
That means someone with a weak character can still fire a weapon with a recoil of -1 without any negative modifiers.

Was "Bulky" and "Very Bulky" introduced just to save space on a chart?
I just curious why the Mongoose Team changed this rule, because it was perfectly fine.
I would also add the "heft" of a melee weapon as a negative modifier when using hold-out skills to conceal it.