Metal Worlds

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Metal Worlds

Postby phavoc » Tue Jan 17, 2017 2:10 pm

NASA is getting ready to start preparing to send a probe to Psyche. It's an asteroid which they think is the core of a planet, but without all the rest of the planetary crust. Traveller talks of nickel-iron asteroids to be converted into spacecraft, but imagine if you had essentially a small moon to do that to.

Adventure wise you could use this science as some adventure hooks. I doubt that something of this size would ever be accidentally discovered in a heavily trafficed system, or one that has been actively exploiting its asteroids for years. However you could have something like this wandering in from outsystem and get captured. Or maybe it's just "passing through" for the next 3-5 years before heading on out to deep space. It's presence could set off a gold rush for miners and refineries. Which means lots of opportunities for PC's to engage in mining, or claim jumping, or protection (or "protection") jobs.

An enterprising referee might even come up with some interesting lifeforms that were hibernating due to the intense cold of deep space but are now waking up and are hungry. And one would assume creatures on a metal world might have an appetite for metallic objects like space ships...

Anyways, just one more example of how the real world can supply us with all kinds of adventure nuggets! ... -missions/

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