Ships at the Dawn of Jump

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Re: Ships at the Dawn of Jump

Postby Reynard » Wed Jun 27, 2018 4:40 pm

One more for now. This ship is for important cargoes and communication functions that need to reach specific destinations without making other stops. They jump exit at convenient fuel locations, refuel then jump again. If time is important and cargo need can accommodate the use of the integral F/C container, the ship can exit one jump then jump again as fast as the astrogator can plot the next jump where even a fuel bladder takes time to refuel the main tank.

Fright courier 200 tons Prototype Jump 1 Tl 8 MCr.129.33
Hull: Streamlined, light
Armor: 0
Maneuver: 1g Prototype (Increased size)
Jump: 1 Prototype (Increased size)
Power: Fusion TL 8 41 PPs
Fuel: 1x Jump 1, 4 weeks operation
Bridge: Standard
Computer: 5bis
Software: Maneuver/0, Library, Jump Control/1, Prototype (10 bandwidth)
Sensors: Basic
Stateroom: 6 Crew- pilot, astrogator, engineer, maintenance, medic, administrator
Cargo: 94 tons
Options: Fuel scoop, fuel processor (20 tons/ day), Fuel/cargo container (23.1 tons), common area, cargo crane

As you notice, these early ships run with full crews with skill sets that ensure the safest and most efficient travel demanded by government regulations and corporate need. When these colonies mature and become stable, free enterprise will make cutting corners necessitate crew positions and ship systems more lax.

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