600 ton: Blockaderunner

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600 ton: Blockaderunner

Postby wbnc » Sat Nov 19, 2016 9:46 pm

Trying out a new process for renders. Blender Cycles, running 200 passes during render process....render time for older images was around 30 second to a minute...this one took five minutes to process...and that's with no fancy additions using the compositor for lighting effects.BUT think the new look is rather spiffy

600 tons
Thrust 9 sustained ( optional Reaction Booster for thrust 12 total available)
Jump 3
Light Armor
ECM suite/ Broad Spectrum EW software
Military Grade sensors
Point Defense Battery Mk I
5 Triple turrets Pulse laser x2, Sandcaster x1
Approximately 100 tons internal cargo space.
Modular hull for rapid refit
Heat shielding for high speed atmospheric entry
External cargo Clamps for 600 tons cargo
x2 300 ton Docking clamps for use with extra cargo modules.
Drop tank Mounts for 180 tons fuel

Its designed for one purpose to go really really fast....It can outrun most off the shelf fighters. Definitely not suited for standard business models It's meant to carry a small high priority cargo through interdiction zones. The high acceleration, heavy point defense, and electronic warfare suites make it a hard target to hit.

At thrust 12 it can make the run from jump limit to planetside while interceptors are still trying to get organized. Once it takes off it will reach the jump limit in a very short period of time. about the only time it is really vulnerable is when it is on the ground refueling and unloading its cargo...However, since it was originally intended to provide supplies and communications with planets under blockade during wartime it's safe to assume the locals might be inclined to provide it with covering fire once it reached the firing range of surface batteries, and local fighter coverage.

Anyone trying to make a living hauling standard freight with this one will go broke...It can be profitable with cargo clamps and external cargo pallets but it loses a lot of speed in the process. Although it can drop its cargo, repell an attacker and pick up its cargo once teh shooting is over. Thast if it has upgraded weapons installed.

If it is upgunned and running without external cargo it will run circles around a corsair, or ambush frigate. Firing a missile at it is probably a waste of time, and it can choose it's own engagement range at its own leisure..

I plan on doing a few variations of it including militarized,fast reaction vessel, and armed escort versions...who knows i may even include one thats been refitted into a racing yacht...
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Re: 600 ton: Blockaderunner

Postby wbnc » Mon Nov 21, 2016 2:01 am

This version has is rigged for carrying cargo pods on an external cargo mount. due to its oversized engines it can haul its own tonnage and still outrun and out jump most other trading vessels. Landing is right out of the question though it would have to drop it's pods in orbit, or transfer them to a High Port before it could enter the atmosphere. This modification is for owners who want to be able ot make a profit when they are not being called on to get past interdiction forces.

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Re: 600 ton: Blockaderunner

Postby FallingPhoenix » Mon Nov 21, 2016 11:35 pm

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