Central Supply Catalogue - minor errata

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Central Supply Catalogue - minor errata

Postby iggy42 » Mon Aug 08, 2016 10:14 pm


Just pre-ordered the CSC and picked up the free pdf - cheers for that btw.

Had a quick run through and picked some minor errata / nit-picks.

Page 11. Ceramic Carapace
The bonus protection is listed in the text description i.e. "...protection against lasers, flamethrowers and other heat/
fire-based attacks. Against such weapons, the armour gains an additional +6 Protection."
For other armour any bonus against specific damage types is listed in the Protection column of the armour stats block
e.g. page 16 Abalt - Protection is "+1 (+6 vs. lasers)"
It's not errata but it is inconsistent with other entries.

Page 24. Powered armour
"When a powered armour suit is not currently charged or fuelled, the mass of
the suit counts does against the Traveller."
Looks like it was written by Yoda...

I haven't spotted anything else yet.

Loving it so far, all good stuff, the images are really good though some seem a little generic and not entirely appropriate to the items they are supposed to represent esp. in the artillery section.

Cheers, Iggy

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