Pre-Career education VS Basic training

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Re: Pre-Career education VS Basic training

Postby Boldtaar » Wed Aug 03, 2016 11:10 am

No clear verdict then?

I think the book shouldn't leave thing like this to interpretation.
Hoping for a clarification in the next PDF update of the core book. :idea:

So far I have two travellers that has selected pre-career education.

The fist one graduate from the navel academy and then joined the navy with a flight career (without a comission).
As a freshman from the academy I thought he was continuing on his career from the academy and could skip basic training and select a skill table and roll the dice.
Otherwise he would have received the same skills as from his academy at level 0.
He was later kick out after a accident and drafted to the scout service.

The second traveler with a pre-career education went to the university to study Admin and advocate. He graduated with honors and then joined the nave as a officer on ship of the line.
Here I was a lite more unsure what to do, allow him to have a normal basic training for his first career or basic training for subsequent careers?
I went with the basic training for subsequent careers to be more in balance whit the first traveller. But think I maybe will change that.
Because what happens if a Traveller starts a with a normal career and revives a basic training and the goes to the university. A lite harder get entry but he benefits more from his basic training. Would become a power-gaming option for players.
The traveller later became successfull diplomat.
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Re: Pre-Career education VS Basic training

Postby Condottiere » Wed Aug 03, 2016 9:52 pm

Boot camp gives you basic career skills, which if you already happen to have acquired them beforehand, either through background or going to summer camp, it doesn't stack.

Though it might make you more competent seeming to your superiors, and you might get a plus one to achieving NCO rank.

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