[Freelance Traveller] July/August 2016 Ready for Download!

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[Freelance Traveller] July/August 2016 Ready for Download!

Postby FreeTrav » Sun Jun 26, 2016 10:51 pm

The July/August 2016 issue of Freelance Traveller is posted for download!

This month's featured article is Your Humble Editor's own effort to describe Designing Basic Careers for Classic-Compatible Traveller. How do you fill the tables and set the various rolls to come up with a well-balanced character, part of a team, rather than a useless wimp or a party-dominating combat monster? Hopefully, this article will give some insights.

The rest of the issue is filled with the usual assortment of stories, reviews, house rules, adventures, and so on for you to download, read, and enjoy!

Download it from the usual place:

Main Magazine Download Page: http://www.freelancetraveller.com/magazine/

Perma-link to this issue: http://www.freelancetraveller.com/magazine/2016-0708/
Jeff Zeitlin
Editor, Freelance Traveller
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