Fantasy Races repackaged for Traveller

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Fantasy Races repackaged for Traveller

Postby Tom Kalbfus » Sun Nov 22, 2015 5:38 pm

This is not a fantasy setting, this is an effort to justify including standard fantasy races in a science fiction setting. The races are Human, Dwarf, Eldar (Elf), Halfling, and Orc.

These are the Height and weight tables with some select species, in Traveller terms they may all be considered a subrace of humans. A wormhole leads to a parallel Universe where history played out differently. Humans were initially the only sentient race in the Galaxy, they were presented with many different environments, so they therefore modified the human genotype for those environments and other wise made such improvements as they saw fit. The Orcs were created as a race of warriors, their lifespan was shortened in favor of better combat ability and endurance, unfortunately the Orcs turned out to be too aggressive to make well disciplined soldiers, and they have since become the scourge of the galaxy with many engaging in piracy and brigandage and so forth, Some Orcish Empires have been established, usually most folk try to stay well clear of them.

Aging Effects
Species ---- Middle Age ---- Old ---- Venerable ---- Maximum Age
Human ---- 35 years ---- 53 years ---- 70 years ---- 70 + 2d40 years
Dwarf ---- 125 years ---- 188 years ---- 250 years ---- 250 + 2d100 years
Eldar ----175 years ---- 263 years ---- 350 years ---- 350 + 4d100 years
Human-Eldar offspring ---- 62 years ---- 93 years ---- 125 years ---- 125 + 3d20 years
Halfling ---- 50 years ---- 75 years ---- 100 years ---- 100 + 5d20 years
Orc ---- 30 years ---- 45 years ---- 60 years ---- 60 + 2d20 years

Random Height and Weight
------------------- Base --- Base ---------------- Weight*
------------------- Height --- Weight -------------- Modifier X Multiplier
Human, male --- 1.47 m --- 54.43 kg --- 2d10 X 2.27 kg
Human, female --- 1.35 m --- 38.56 kg --- 2d10 X 2.27 kg
Dwarf, male --- 1.14 m --- 68.04 kg --- 2d4 X 3.18 kg
Dwarf, female --- 1.09 m --- 54.43 kg --- 2d4 X 3.18 kg
Eldar, male --- 1.63 m --- 45.36 kg --- 2d8 X 1.36 kg
Eldar, female --- 1.63 m --- 40.82 kg --- 2d6 X 1.36 kg
Halfling, male --- 0.81 m --- 13.61 kg --- 2d4 X 0.45 kg
Halfling, female --- 0.76 m --- 11.34 kg --- 2d4 X 0.45 kg
Orc, male --------- 1.47 m --- 68.04 kg --- 2d12 X 3.18 kg
Orc, female -------- 1.35 m --- 49.9 kg --- 2d12 X 3.18 kg
*Multiply the weight modifier rolled by 0.0254 m and add it to base height to get the character's actual height in meters.

Eldar have notable Dexterity (+2), notable intelligence (+2), and weak endurance (-2), they have an additional characteristic called comeliness in which they are notable (+2) that can be used in social interactions in place of Social Standing in many circumstances. The Eldar are a genetically engineered race, close enough to humans that the two may breed and produce offspring. To get height and weight, simply roll for a human and roll for an Eldar and average the two sets of stats together.
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Re: Fantasy Races repackaged for Traveller

Postby Captain Nebula » Mon Nov 30, 2015 10:31 am

There are a number of Minor Human Races already in Traveller that could stand in for D&D races. Darrians are usually considered the Elves of Traveller, Geonee or Suerrat could be Dwarves, Luriani are Mermen, etc...
Tom Kalbfus
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Re: Fantasy Races repackaged for Traveller

Postby Tom Kalbfus » Mon Nov 30, 2015 3:34 pm

Captain Nebula wrote:There are a number of Minor Human Races already in Traveller that could stand in for D&D races. Darrians are usually considered the Elves of Traveller, Geonee or Suerrat could be Dwarves, Luriani are Mermen, etc...
The "Elves" I cooked up (The Eldar), have been engineered for an extremely long lifespan. Their most important feature is their long lifespan. They stay young adults up top age 175, Middle age lasts up to 263 years, they are considered old up to 350 years and can reach a maximum age without agathics at age 750. Of course using agathics increases their lifespan even more. This race was engineered for interstellar commerce because the people at the time thought that exceeding the speed of light was impossible, so the Eldar were engineered so that the years long travel time between stars (even at relatavistic speed) was tollerable for them. Other races engage in interstellar travel too, but not as much as the Eldar! For most people, travel between the stars is a once in a lifetime event, where a considerable fraction of one's lifespan is spent aboard a starship heading to one's destination. Eldar typically make several such trips. The standard starship is the Interstellar Fusion Ramjet, the accelerate typically at 1 g until the midpoint is reached and then slow down at 1 g for the remainder of the trip. Interstellar hydrogen is gathered into the maw of the starship using huge magnetic fields, and forward lasers to ionize the otherwise neutrally charged hydrogen ahead of the ship. The Eldar ships at teck level 16 can reach 99.99% of the speed of light, the time dialation factor is around 60:1 at that speed. An Eldar that lives to age 175, can travel a distance of 10,500 light years in that span of time at 99.99% of the speed of light. The Eldar, on the other side of the wormhole have explored and colonized the entire span of the galaxy over the last one million years, they tend to pick the choicest of planets as places to live, typically they are worlds very similar to Earth, so their settlement is fairly sparse in any particular area of the galaxy. Another feature of their race is that some of them can communicate telepathically over interstellar distances, so the worlds they inhabit are under a single empire linked by telepaths. Many other races living within that Empire are unaware of that fact, and the laws are enforces only in the Eldar inhabited systems, with all the rest of the races usually ignored unless they turn into a major threat. Only the Eldar possess this Interstellar psionic communications, the other races usually inhabit individual star systems under different governments, their is a race of orcs which would be a threat to the Eldar if only they possessed FTL communications or the Jump Drive, which they did not possess up until the arrival of those from the other side of the newly discovered wormholes. The Third Imperium and the Solomani Confederation both traded with the warlike orcs and other races, and through that trade, the orcs acquired their own Jump Drives for their starships, and quickly began building their own interstellar empires and thus threatening the long established peace in the region! Naturally the Eldar are very concerned about this recent development and are not happy with the sudden arrival of FTL travel, and the breaking of their monopoly on interstellar communitation. Before the arrival of the Jump Drive, the Orcs were only a minor nuisance, now they are a major threat to interstellar peace, as their warships are already quite formidable, and the only thing they lacked up until now was the Jump Drive! Now that Imperium Solomani traders have provided them with one, wars are breaking out all over the place, and the orcs can now conquer and hold territory, while previously they could only establish control over separate individual star systems, a limit to the growth of their empires.

Orcs are everything you might expect, they are crude, uncivilized and barbaric despite their technological sophistication, which is largely directed toward building war machines and interstellar conquest!

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