World and Universe creation Mongoose vs. T5

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World and Universe creation Mongoose vs. T5

Postby KDLadage » Wed Sep 09, 2015 11:54 am

I have not completed a full reading of the book just yet, but I have read the universe/system/world creation section fairly carefully. My next step is to do a step-by-step, chart-by-chart comparison to the system in T5.


Because the systems should be, in my opinion, as close to one another as it is humanly possible to make them. The Second Survey information for the Official Third Imperium setting should map 1:1 to the system used here (e.g., trade codes, etc.).

No matter what RPG system you use, how that system differs from the current version of *official* Traveller, the universe should (in my humble opinion) be compatible -- presented and read in identical formats -- such that setting material written for one can be easily picked up and plopped down into the other.

Let me be clear: I think that the current Mongoose Traveller RPG system -- character generation, task resolution, combat, etc. -- is an improvement over the system in T5. I have no doubt that the systems involved in the Beta Mongoose Traveller RPG system are also an improvement over the system in T5, and may even be an improvement over its predecessor. That is all well and good. But the universe/system/world generation should be such that the output is as close to identical as they can get.

If you want to set up charts differently, fine. If you want this kind of world to be a bit more common that that type of world, fine. But every calculated value -- those where no random element is involved (e.g., trade codes, etc.) -- should be calculated exactly as T5 calculates it. And in the end, the various output formats should read the exact same way.

I think that someone using Mongoose Traveller RPG system should be able to go to a site such as and have the data presented to them there match up to the way this version of Traveller presents that same type of data.

That is my initial $0.02 worth.
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Re: World and Universe creation Mongoose vs. T5

Postby DickNervous » Wed Sep 09, 2015 5:12 pm

I agree with you.

I have found, at least in MgT1, that everything that is included with Mongoose materials does match up with what is in the T5SS. T5 has some additional info (Importance, Economics, Culture) and more details (stellar info and trade codes) than MgT does, but MgT does not have anything that is NOT in the T5SS as far as the core details go.

I haven't dug into the world creation in MgT2 yet, but what I have seen so far follows that same model.
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Re: World and Universe creation Mongoose vs. T5

Postby ShawnDriscoll » Wed Sep 09, 2015 7:17 pm

Come back and let us know which rule set was more fun working with.
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Re: World and Universe creation Mongoose vs. T5

Postby Matt Wilson » Fri Oct 02, 2015 2:36 pm

Obviously I like the MgT rules and procedures, though I noticed via the Traveller Map that the "Ga" trade designation is a little different for T5.

Siz 6-8, Atm 5,6,8, Hyd 5-7

In terms of "Garden" meaning "a lot like Earth" I like their parameters a little better than what's in MgT. I don't have any of the MgT 3i materials, however, and I don't know if that would cause issues with backwards compatibility (hey, last time we were here, this was a garden world!). If there's interest in cross compatibility, then I'd suggest updating the new rules. If internal consistency is more important, then I'll just house rule that puppy, since I like to play in my own settings.

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