Travel Times

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Travel Times

Postby phavoc » Tue Sep 08, 2015 1:22 pm

Pg 152 – Travel Times: The first sentence is unnecessary (yes, space is vast, infinite even!). But it provides nothing useful to the reader (It’s like the surface of stars are hot).

Stating “However, interplanetary travel takes long periods of time and, since most stellar systems have only one major world, interplanetary travel is infrequent.” Why would you have that idea in a SPACE-based game??? In-system travel is probably going to be as busy as any sort of travel. It’s FAR cheaper to mine in your own system than it is to transport things between systems. And there are going to be all kinds of settlements spread in systems that have been around for a while and have high populations. Traveller systems need to have more than just the primary world in them. In some systems there are dozens of planets, tens of moons and hundreds of stations that potentially could provide a group with many sessions of adventure - all without requiring a jump capable ship, or even a space ship. There shouldn't be such a focus on only the main planet in every system. In reality we have tons of travel (air, car, sea) around the world. If it’s so rare then why even bother with interplanetary travel tables??

The paragraph about non-commercial ships needing haste – should be changed to read that a ship in a hurry would jump directly to the gas giant, refuel and then jump out so some players don’t think you always have to arrive at the system mainworld, and them go elsewhere.
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Re: Travel Times

Postby AKAramis » Thu Sep 10, 2015 12:47 am

You're partially right - there are regimes in system where it isn't cheaper to go STL.

Not all Traveller star systems have multiple inner system worlds. (Traveller Canon uses a different system generation model than does MGT1E Scouts.) In the OTU, there are some systems where STL is cheaper only once every few years (than J1) due to the hab zone being about saturn orbit. (Which may be unrealistic, but it's part of the Traveller paradigm that there are habitable worlds around Size III and IV stars; further, a pair of F/G/K size V stars can generate a similarly distant hab zone, but Traveller DOESN"T account for those. )

And dealing with it is a highly case dependent multivariate issue. 1G can be under Cr 50/day per Td... with 7 days being 6 AU... for about 1/3 the cost of jump. And 1 day of 6G is comparable in cost to a week in jump. I did the math for 1E to excruciating detail a while back.

If time is an issue, your best time becomes jump around G's * 6.2 AU... so 2G is 12.4, 6G is 37.2 AU.
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