Selecting a priority level unit 2 levels less than the game

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Selecting a priority level unit 2 levels less than the game

Postby Dog_Date » Fri May 02, 2008 11:01 am

If you are playing say a War level game, is it legit to select a Skirmish or Patrol level unit?

If it is, can you still only select one unit lower then the current priority level of the game, and 2 other units of any other priority level 2 or lower then the game level?

Hope this makes sense!

As an example, if playing a Battle level game, the rules are clear, I can select one raid level unit and 2 Skirmish level units. Could I instead select, 1 Raid level unit, and 2 Patrol units, OR 1 raid, 1 Skirmish and 1 Patrol?

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Postby Jhary » Mon Sep 29, 2008 8:11 pm

on the Victory Point table you find 4 level lower then Senario so its legal to use Patrol level Ships in an War level game.

and after the splitting rule you get 2 Skirm or 1 Skirm and 2 Patrols for 1 raid.
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Re: Selecting a priority level unit 2 levels less than the game

Postby kamenski » Fri Jul 07, 2017 7:14 am

Take care

With a War allocation POINT you can get 2 battle level SHIPS not 2 battle level POINTS, OR 3 raid level SHIPS not 3 raid level POINTS

Example 1 war point gives 2 battle ships so you get 2 Battle SHIPS, OR 6 patrol SHIPS
if you consider that it's converted into 2 battle points , you can buy 1 battle ship with the first point and splitting the other battle point gives you 4 patrol ships

so in one case you get 6 destroyers, on the other hand you get 1 Pennsylvania battleship(for example) and 4 destroyers. Huuuu, it's not the same.....

Splitting with the second rule (OOB) prevents players to chose 6 destroyers for a war POINT, because of the two level limitation (1 battle ship + second spliting in 2 raid ships) . The fleet would thus be less diversified. (in my opinion)

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