Battle Report - Blockade the Admirals!

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Battle Report - Blockade the Admirals!

Postby Ballentyne » Sat Dec 29, 2007 2:08 pm

This is a short battle report for my second game of VaS, standard Blockade (Raid) 5pt RN, 2pt KM.


Admiral Scheer - Pocket Battleship
Admiral Hipper - Heavy Cruiser

Royal Navy

HMS Orion - Leander class Cruiser
HMS Manchester - Gloucester class Cruiser
HMS Edinburgh - Edinburgh class Cruiser
HMS York - York class Cruiser
HMS Renown - Renown class Battlecruiser

The orders had been given to the Admiral Hipper and Admiral Scheer break out from the fjord, and the orders had been given to the HMS Renown, gather a force and blockade them.

As the two ships pushed their way through the fjord and out into the open sea their scout planes reported the presence of the Royal Navy spread out in a picket line, with the Renown at the centre. The Captains heard the list of the ships there, York, Edinburgh, Renown, Orion, Manchester. A good cruiser force with a powerfull centre. Orders were flashed from flagship to escort, penetrate aft of the Renown, flank speed and rendevous at the grid co-ordinates.

(T1)The Captain of the Hipper peered through the powerful binoculars at the HMS Orion and gave the orders to open fire. Flames belched from the barrels of the fore and aft turrets as the shots straddled the Orion, hitting but doing no obvious damage.

(T2)With the enemy if sight and in range the Renown fired a full broadside, all three turrets pounding the Scheer but failing to damage. Co-ordinates were relayed from the Hippers spotter and a series of long range but perfectly targetted rounds fell on the Orion. In retaliation the Edinburgh opened up striking the Hipper for mininal damage. Seeing the advancing Edinburgh via scout the Scheer targets her with the foreward batteries and the Orion with the aft, causing scathing damage across the Orion and critically damaging the Edinburghs secondary turrets. The gunners on the York earned their rum when their fore guns struck the Admiral Hipper causing multiple explosions below decks tearing them open where thick black smoke began belching from the multiple fires! Cheered at this Orion opened almost at the edge of her range though miss with every shot and fail to down the buzzing spotter plane. Still the Kriegsmarine press on with the Hippers damage control extinguishing all fires.

(T3) Steaming ahead the Scheer targets the Edinburgh with fore turrets and scores considerable damage, rocking the entire ship and causing it to start listing. With her aft turrets she fired at the York but failed to do any visible damage and failed to shoot down the RN scout planes. Secondary batteries range on the Orion but do little damage. The Orion in return fires upon the Scheer with fore turrets, scoring minimal damage, while aft score visible hits on the Admiral Hipper, which also had it's spotter plane shot down. The Hipper in returns torpedoes the York and shoots down the Renown and the Yorks scouts. Secondary turrets fire on the York which bravely weathers the storm but the fore and aft turrets broadside the Edinburgh which is crippled by the damage, both it's rear turrets destroyed and it's spotter planes swept into the ocean. Frantic messages are seen coming from the remains of the bridge. Manchester gets into range after a concerted run from flank speed and scores minimal hits on the Scheer. The Edinburgh with it's remaining turrets and the York both unleash a withering hail of fire against the Admiral Hipper which is obviously crippled at this point, but there is little time to cheer as the Hippers torpedo salvo strikes the York! As turret magazines explode under the torpedos wrath the York is ripped from bow to stern with explosions, fires and all three main turrets are lost. The Renown splits it's fire, targetting but missing the listing Hipper but striking the rear of the Scheer damaging it's turbines and reducing it's speed. The York puts out all fires, but the Scheers turbine problems are a bit more severe and are not repaired yet.

(T4) Renown fully broadsides the Admiral Scheer doing considerable damage and launches a torpedo salvo which falls short. The Scheer torpedoes the Orion and AA knocks out another RN scout. Her secondary turrets target the Orion knocking out three turrets and crippling the plucky craft while her main batteries target the Edinburgh and York and pour more damage into the two crippled ships. WIth it's remaining turrets the Edinburgh opens fire on the crippled Hipper and shoots down the Admiral Scheers scout. The Hippers remaining turrets fire on the Edinburgh, but all shots miss and the Captain curses as he watches the York and Edinburgh both launch torpedoes at him! The Orion fires at the Scheer but does no damage and launches torpedoes. Manchester broadsides the Scheer but only scores minimal hits but the Orions torpedoes strike true crippling the Admiral Scheer in a series of blasts, while the combined torpedo strikes from the York and Edinburgh rip open the Hippers hull and she starts sinking below the waves.

(T5) The Admiral Scheer limps forward, firing at the Edinburgh and doing little damage, but finally sinks the York. The Renown in a final broadside puts an end to the blockade by sinking the Scheer.

Admiral Scheer - Sunk
Admiral Hipper - Sunk

Royal Navy

HMS Orion - Crippled
HMS Manchester - Ok
HMS Edinburgh - Crippled
HMS York - Sunk
HMS Renown - Ok
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Postby Soulmage » Sat Dec 29, 2007 5:39 pm

Nice writeup! Sounds like a fun time was had by all. . . or at least the British. LOL!!
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Postby bignormww » Sun Dec 30, 2007 10:56 am

thanks for that. i love to read AARs for all sets of rules. not only are they entertaining but they help to learn the rules.
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Postby juggler69uk » Sun Dec 30, 2007 1:19 pm

Soulmage wrote:Nice writeup! Sounds like a fun time was had by all. . . or at least the British. LOL!!
Apart form the crew of the York. :lol:

But I agree nice write up
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Postby Taellik » Mon Dec 31, 2007 10:42 am

Good scenario and well-done After Action Report !

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