Some thoughts on aircraft

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Some thoughts on aircraft

Postby Greg Smith » Sat Mar 30, 2019 12:22 pm

The P51 Mustang has no points listed.

What is the Gruman TBF with type (Submarine)?

There’s still no ASW planes for anyone except the Americans. Where’s the Fairey Swordfish that sank 22 U-boats and flew off MAC ships to protect convoys?


How does armour work against level bombers? This paragraph is somewhat contradictory:
If a Flight successfully hits its target, then roll its Damage Dice as normal. …. while Level Bombers count their Damage Dice as Heavy. …. For Dive-Bomber and Level- Bombers attacks, the armour rating of the ship is subtracted from the total damage rolled, similar to how the Torpedo Belt Special Trait…
If level bombers roll damage normally each AD must beat armour. So a B17 rolls 4DD, scoring 4 damage at most without crits. Against anything bigger than a light cruiser that’s going to bounce right off! I think the rule probably should apply to torpedo bombers and dive bombers, not lavel bombers.

On the subject of level bombers, where's the Lancasters with Tallboy bombs?



The same model of aircraft with different types (ie the Swordfish bomber & torpedo bomber) shouldn’t have the same points. Bombs are hugely less effective than torpedoes.

Similarly the P51 Mustang should not be the same points for the 1941 and 1944 versions. They have very different capabilities.
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