Thoughts on torpedoes vs shells

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Thoughts on torpedoes vs shells

Postby Greg Smith » Tue Mar 26, 2019 9:12 pm

Shells are far less effective in VAS than torpedoes. Sure shells have far greater range than torpedoes, and hit a lot more often, but torpedoes most are brought to battle on fast, hard-to hit destroyers and most importantly a hit with a single torpedo AD can cripple or sink a cruiser.

Now no-one disputes that torpedoes were horrible effective in WW2. Yet shells could be too - a single hit could wreck a turret (Graf Spee vs Exeter) or destroying fuel processing (Exeter vs Graf Spee). Even a near miss knocked the Exeter's float plane out of action.

VAS is largely a game of attrition. It is about knocking damage down, while ships continue fighting without losing fighting ability, unlike actual battles. Only a few critical hits actually affect a ship's ability to fight, and they only gradually build up. A single hit won't knock a turret out. More heavily armoured ships are harder to damage.

But torpedoes don't follow those assumptions. They deal massive damage and can radically alter a ship's ability to fight, through random criticals. In these respects, they reflect real torpedo effects, but they don't reflect the rest of the game.

My suggestion is to bring torpedoes in line with shells. Give them an AP value. Lose the devastating trait. By all means give them extra criticals. But make them less realistic.
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Re: Thoughts on torpedoes vs shells

Postby MongooseMatt » Thu Mar 28, 2019 11:07 am

Hmm :)

We fully intended torps to be nasty, and their effects (we feel) are pretty spot on.

However, you do raise a good point that we have been mulling over the past few weeks. We think the solution is to look at the delivery system and make destroyers a bit less fraught to face, and strengthening the effect of ships that should be screening (primarily cruisers and other destroyers).

You will see the effects of this in the next update - I would like everyone to have a go at those before we start messing around with torps. As I say, i think we have them right, we just need to look at how they are deployed and what counters are available.
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