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Playtest Cruiser Chase

Postby Greg Smith » Sat Feb 23, 2019 11:11 am

On paper this was a fairly even scenario.

The Italians begin chasing the British, and the range of the Italian guns are in their favour. The British cruisers turn to bring all their guns to bear while their Destroyers circle to approach the oncoming Italian ships. Italian shooting takes a toll on HMS Gloucester on the first turn, damaging her engines, while the British fail to inflict damage.

The Italians are already steaming north, skirting the western edge of Crete, knowing that the north edge of the table is the quickest route to withdraw. This brings them closer to the British. The British destroyers close on the enemy fleet and damage the Bolzano and cripple the Trento. All the British destroyers are sunk. The Italians concentrate their gunnery on the Gloucester, finally crippling her as she turns to steam away from the conflict.

The British cruisers cross the Italians' T as the Italian cruisers steam northwards. A few Italian torpedoes from the cruisers strike home on British cruisers but do little damage. In return the British can torpedo and shoot the Italians at point blank range. A few last shells and one tenacious Italian destroyer finally sink the Gloucester. One more British cruiser is crippled before the Italains are sunk.

One lone Italian destroyer escapes North.

1 Italian cruiser escapes. Trento, Trieset, Bolzano and two destroyers sunk.
HMS Gloucester sunk, one cruiser crippled. 4 destroyers sunk.


This is by far the best scenario from the books that I have played from either edition.

This would have been are far more balanced scenario if the Italians didn't have to pass through the British fleet to escape. And from what I can glean from limited sources, historically they didn't. The British cruisers were sailing south east , towards the Cunningham's warships. The Italians broke of the pursuit and turned away.

Similarly for the second cruiser chase scenario, the Italians were headed northwesterly. Both scenarios seem to be turned around.
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