Playtest The Battle of Stromvaer

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Playtest The Battle of Stromvaer

Postby Greg Smith » Fri Feb 15, 2019 10:05 pm

The Renown and 9 destroyers vs Scharnhorst & Gneisenau.

Except the bad weather means destroyers cannot shoot or fire torpedoes. So it is just the Renown vs the two German ships. We don't even bother to put the destroyers on the table.

The British get initiative and the Germans can't fire for three turns.

Turn one the Renown spots both German ships and opens fire. Range and bad weather means it misses. The Germans are steaming away to maximise range. Turn two just one shell strikes the Scharnhorst. Turn three a weapons crit but not a lot of damage. Now the Germans turn and open fire. The Germans range and more AD gives them an advantage in shooting. They score more hits and so score more damage. They repair crits easier with higher CQ. The Renown's crits creep up far faster than the Scharnhorst's. The Renown scores a vital hit on the Scharnorst's rudder. Finally 4 or 5 turns of shooting, the Renown's escalating crits cripple her. It is soon over.

Result: The Scharnhorst is reduced to 39 damage, with a couple of level 2 crits and no rudder.. The Gneisenau is undamaged.

My thoughts:

If we'd left the destroyers on the board the Germans would have to hunted down 9 destroyers in bad weather to win the game.

Historically the destroyers couldn't keep up with the Renown and took no part in the battle, so why include them at all?

The optional rule for the flooding of the German turrets was interesting and it kept my opponent from going too fast.

With the only victory conditions being destroy the other fleet, the British stand little chance of winning this. Historically the Germans disengaged, after mistaking the destroyers for a larger force. Perhaps the game should end on turn 8 with the German's withdrawing and giving victory to the side that caused most damage?
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