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On July 1st 2013 the Mongoose Infantry (or "MI) officially rebooted under our new program. This complete overhaul isn't done with waving a magik wand or easily accomplished overnight. The changes we've made have been getting tested, revised, and fine tuned to make them the best.

This new program with much more to offer in rewards compared to the past, including (depending on the individual trooper's rank):
  • Free PDF when the physical book is ordered (must be on same order)
  • Reimbursement of convention badges in Event Credit when at least 8 hrs of Demo Events are reported (and a receipt of badge is provided)
  • Incentive for Recruiting New Troopers
  • Increases in the Hourly Credit Rate
  • etc.
All of our PDF forms can be filled out on the computer, and even saved to a PDF you can't edit (good for the application and Redemption Orders).

Prospective troopers are of course to have some basic starting squads/fleets for at least one of the games they will be running Demo Events of but their collection can grow quickly through the Event Credit to be earned, starting at $10/hr (or higher as you advance in the program).

In April '13 the MI stopped running Demo Events of all MGP RPG lines, but anyone who plays even one of our miniature games can join the MI program running Demo events of that miniatures game, and the Event Credit earned can be spent on anything, including RPGs (plenty of troopers took advantage of the recent "Gencon Traveller Sale" spending 20% less of their event credit on each book).

This is important so let me say it again:
All prospective troopers should already have (or be willing to purchase on their own) enough product to run at least a small 2-person game. For ACTA:SF this is 2 ships about 360 pts. You are not allowed to be using say "Star Trek Clix" to teach ACTA:SF. You also need a game store and/or convention you are willing to go to and run events. You can start out supporting just one game, and expand to others as you earn Event Credit.

The current Trooper Pack and Application PDFs are available below. If you wish to apply:
  1. Use the application (can be found on the MGP Demo Team Page)
  2. PRINT it out as a "read-only" PDF (Instructions below)
  3. Send it to "monooseinfantry@mongoosepublishing.com" with subject "[MI] <your name>

If you have any questions feel free to PM "MongooseInfantryHQ" on the forums or email MI-HQ. We'll happily help you out. Either method please use the Subject "MI Question"[/b][/color]TURNING APPLICATION INTO A READ-ONLY PDF

Depending on what software you are using, and how you "save" the completed form, there are a few small issues. Here is how I "saved form as read-only" with Adobe Reader X:
  1. Open (of course)
  2. Ensure "Highlight Existing Fields" is active (fields will show light blue or yellow)
  3. Completely fill out the form.
  4. DON'T "sign" it. I tried that and got nothing but errors. Signing is for forms that are set up for digital signatures used in tracking, verification and what-not. You are simply emailing it directly to me/MGP so that level of security isn't needed, and honestly I never even thought to set the form up for that.
  5. *print* - like to your printer to your printer but instead select your "PDF Driver"
    • You need to have a "PDF Driver" as a printer, I have "Adobe Printer", and CutePDF offers a free one.
    • You Might get an error about location... save to a different directory than where the form was opened from.
    • Use any filename for the application you want.

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