Undead Evolution Series: Zombies now for Legend!

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Undead Evolution Series: Zombies now for Legend!

Postby auyl » Wed Sep 04, 2013 1:51 pm

So I originally released this product as a Pathfinder product, but figured why not release it for Legend as well. Legend fans will probably be just as eager to encounter the new types of undead in here along with all the new special abilities zombies can be given.

Here's the product description on DTRPG:
Want to bring the fear of zombies back to your gamers?
Undead Evolution Series allows you to do just that with new rules to level up zombies.
Additionally are sections covering:
Dozens of New Zombie Special Abilities
Four New Zombies
Four New Spells
Bring the fear of the undead back to your games with this valuable resource to any Legend game!

The PDF is on sale now here!
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