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Re: [MTE] Ultimate Roman Legions Guide - Legend Edition

Postby Simulacrum » Wed May 29, 2013 8:19 am

mte-aaron wrote: The use of basic cultures was actually a design decision. When you look at Roman history, from a very high-level standpoint, Roman citizens were considered "civilized" and all others were considered "barbarians." By only using these two cultural backgrounds, it also keeps with that universal usage design so that you can easily slide this sourcebook into your own settings.
Hmm. Not really. Only in so far as 'barbarian' meant 'foreigner', and even then this is Romans borrowing a Greek perspective. It can equally mean 'decadent over-civilised foreigner' as it can mean 'rough beardy fellow with horns on his hat'. In legend 'barbarian' is a culture type, and you clearly would not use it as the basis of many ancient civisations that the Romans interacted with.
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