The Blood Path - Time Measurement and Magic [blog]

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The Blood Path - Time Measurement and Magic [blog]

Postby alex_greene » Thu Mar 28, 2013 5:05 pm

Something to whet the appetite for The Blood Path on my blog:- Time Measurement And Magic In The Blood Path
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Re: The Blood Path - Time Measurement and Magic [blog]

Postby Faelan Niall » Sat Mar 30, 2013 8:51 pm

While I have not been keeping track of your setting simply due to personal time constraints, this did catch my eye, and deserved some commentary. I found it interesting as I always do when a writer attempts to differentiate their product from others by including interesting little tid bits of cultural/setting specific knowledge that differs from the real world. In a piece of fiction I would have no real commentary other than that things like this or thoughts about items such as this can bring a setting to life, and add to the level of immersion the reader achieves, however since it is a game setting I could also have the same comments. Where you lose me is when you suggest that the game mechanics are in some way affected by your game world time keeping methods. Time keeping could very well be different in every culture, so do they also affect the game mechanics? It goes from being an interesting bit of creativity to a rapidly growing can of worms, which also has the negative effect of raising the bar of understanding as a price to be paid for entry. My recommendation is you leave it alone for game play, and make it a purely role play oriented accounting, which makes it entirely optional and does not require mastery of your new time system to play the game.

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