Sample Grimoire

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Sample Grimoire

Postby warlock1971 » Tue Oct 23, 2012 7:39 am

Hi Guys!

So I am running a Legend play test for my die hard D&D/Pathfinder mates on Saturday with pre generated PCs. The setting is a vanilla fantasy setting and one of the PCs is a Dwarf Sorceror. Does anyone have any advice on what spells to include in the Grimoire?

The PCs are guarding a wagon train, transporting goods from their native city to a large town, to the south. The module is designed so I can test the game system, specifically magic and combat. Having said that there is one set combat that is fluid and can roll for quite some time or I can shorten it as required. The Dwarf is the only sorceror but Common Magic is available.

Any advice is highly appreciated.
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Re: Sample Grimoire

Postby Old timer » Tue Oct 23, 2012 8:07 am

What type of grimoires are you looking for, and how many spells in them? Do you want spells good for combat, healing, mystic tricks, banishing magic and spirits, buffing the party? I can provide quite a few examples if you can give clearer idea of what type of grimoire you are looking for.
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Re: Sample Grimoire

Postby Fonso » Tue Oct 23, 2012 8:20 am

In my campaign dwarves practice something akin to sorcery-alchemy.

The great book of gemology (Great grimoire - brilliant dwarves):
Animate (precious metals and gems), glow, form/set (precius metals & gems), Enhance DEX, Palsy (transform the victim in gold or other inert precious material for duration), Sense (preciuous metals & crystals), Enchant ritual**.

The great book of lithology (great grimoire - stone dwarves):
Animate (Stone & Rock), glow, form/set (Stone & rock), Enhance CON, Palsy (transform the victim into inert rock for duration), Sense (Stone & rock), Enchant ritual**.

The great book of metallurgy (great grimoire - anvil dwarves):
Animate (Common metals), glow, form/set (common metals), Enhance STR, Palsy (transform the victim into inert base metal for duration), Sense (Commom mentals), Enchant ritual**.

De artefactisque Alchymiae (lesser grimoire - common)
Toughen*, Puncture*, Reload*, Enchant ritual**.

(*) Spell from Wraith Recon
(**) Spell from Arms & Equipment
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Re: Sample Grimoire

Postby Mixster » Tue Oct 23, 2012 1:28 pm

That really depends on what the dwarven sorcerer wants to do with his spells/what you want him to do.

If he wants to be play a buffer, good spells include the enhance line, the maximize damage spell, shapechange, and the damage resist spell.

If he wants to be a damage dealer Wall (from wraith recon), Wrack and form/set flame are good (although Divine Magicians tend to be better at this, depending on your interpretation of wrack).

If he wants to debuff, spells like tap, palsy and shapechange (since you can turn enemies into newts) are good.

If he wants to heal, treat wounds and restoration are good.

Do note however that there is a trick with Tap (ability score) + Restoration, that can give you an ability to refill you MP (tap your own ability score for the MP, use some of it to restore your ability score) So unless you want him to be able to do his thing multiple times per day, you shouldn't allow him access to both.
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Re: Sample Grimoire

Postby warlock1971 » Tue Oct 23, 2012 1:51 pm

Thanks for the replies!

As the party's mage, i had considered giving him some firepower but with a dwarf angle to it. I like the alchemy-sorcery option as flavour but hadn't considered it in too much detail as it is more a play test than anything else. I think a combination blaster/generalist role is best suited for this PC.

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