Emotion creation through sorcery

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Emotion creation through sorcery

Postby Guernicus » Fri Mar 30, 2012 9:26 pm

Instill (Emotion)
Concentration, Resist (Persistence)

These spell creates a strong emotion the mind of the target. Emotion can be linked to a specific source such as a person, a place or an object, or it can be a general feeling not related to a source. There are many versions of this spell, the most usual being Instill Fear, Instill Joy, Instill Sadness and Instill Anger. When duration ends, the target don’t know why he has feel this emotion. This spell has no effect on unconscious targets, targets without an INT Characteristic or targets that are currently under the effect of another emotion controlling spell of higher Magnitude.

Fear : the target is terrorized, cease his activity and try to hide or flee from the source.

Joy : the target feel overpowering joy and pleasure about the target. If the target is a person, all social skills gain (Intensity x 5%) bonus. If the source is a place or an objet, the target cease his activity and try to come closer to the source.

Sadness : the mind of the target is filled with despair and sorrow. The target acts without motivation and suffers a (Intensity x 5%) penalty on all its INT and CHA related skills.

Anger : the target become furious about the source. There is (Intensity x 5%) chance that the target engages in a violent action against the source.

To resist the emotion, targets must succeed in an opposed test of their Persistence against the caster’s Sorcery (Grimoire).

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