Legend deluxe edition

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Legend deluxe edition

Postby ThomasKromke » Sun Mar 11, 2012 12:52 pm

I would like to see a deluxe release of the legend basic books. Hardcover black "skin" with gold or silver print. As a alternative to the softcower. Order onley thru moongoses web shop.

Will this dream ever come true?

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Re: Legend deluxe edition

Postby danskmacabre » Sun Mar 11, 2012 12:58 pm

+1 on this.. :)
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Re: Legend deluxe edition

Postby Mankcam » Sun Mar 11, 2012 10:10 pm

This request has certainly raised its head before in several threads this year. Let's hope something comes out next year (or sooner!)

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