Empires at War

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Empires at War

Postby languagegeek » Tue Oct 18, 2011 8:01 pm

I'm going to try and use the Empires rules to work through the history of a campaign world, build up the political situation organically. At year 0, the setting has 16 dominions/countries. Three of these have plans for expansion. At this point, I've tried one invasion from an expansionist dominion into its neighbour. Consequently, I've got questions for any who might have tried this before.

Time Cycle: Do I have to run through the entire time cycle after each campaign round? That is, generate wealth points, roll for events, etc.

Battle Objectives Q1: It seems that if fortify is successful, then this ends the campaign for the season (pg 35). If retreat is successful, then this ends the campagin. I assume the difference is that if the campaign ends for the season, any previous invade is still in place while if the campaign is over completely, the invade condition is terminated. Are these assumptions correct?

Battle Objectives Q2: If one territory invades another, and the aggressor fails its check, does a year pass (i.e. Time Cycle) until it can invade again?

Battle Objectives Q3: Does contesting ever have a result that ends the campaign season/completely? I'm guessing that regardless of the aggressor/defender results, the battle continues with another round in the same year.

Tools: Is there an automated Empires Simulator out there? There's a lot of book-keeping to take care of each and every year. This wouldn't be a problem if I were starting with the present and progressing year by year as our gaming sessions continue. Instead I'm trying to build up the world from year 0 so it's getting monotonous. I have an ad hoc spreadsheet with all the dominions and their stats but it's clunky.
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