Parry, Evade and SpellCasting "at any time"

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Parry, Evade and SpellCasting "at any time"

Postby Lihmal » Mon Feb 08, 2016 3:42 pm


a very basic question: Legend rules say on p. 127, that the combat actions Cast Spell, Parry and Evade can be attempted at any time during the combat round (of course, as long as unused combat actions are remaining).
Does this mean, that a character can also parry, evade or cast spell two or more times during a cycle (cycle = the Strike Range count-down of the gamemaster)?

For example, can a character with 3 CA per combat round in battle with 3 opponents parry 3 times in one cycle, if he decides to spend all CA for parrying?
I would say no - if each opponent attacks at the same Strike Range, the defender would need to simultaneously parry 3 times. Even if parrying has the character of just a reaction, it needs some time.

So I assume a character can attempt Cast Spell, Parry and Evade any time during the combat round, but only once per cycle?

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Re: Parry, Evade and SpellCasting "at any time"

Postby soltakss » Mon Feb 08, 2016 6:20 pm

I don't play that all events happen simultaneously.

If someone has 3 CRs and parries 3 opponents, then unless they all attack at exactly the same Strike Rank, he can attempt 3 parries.

If they attacked at the same SR, I'd impose a penalty rather than disallowing it.

With spells, you cast one spell, then the next, then the next, on your Strike Rank, one for each CR.

That's how I play it.
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