New Deus Vult & Land of Ice and Stone

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New Deus Vult & Land of Ice and Stone

Postby msprange » Wed Apr 22, 2015 11:58 am

Two new Legend books are now in print - for Deus Vult, there is Sanctuaries, and a brand new setting from Simon E. Phipp, Land of Ice and Stone.

Sanctuaries is a supplement that outlines four of the Order’s outposts to which guardian priests might travel in pursuit of a mission – or fall back to in times of need. Each is unique, offering the chance to encounter new supernatural threats and explore an unfamiliar region and culture.

You can grab your copy here; ... aries.html

Deep in our distant past is a culture long forgotten, a culture so remote that all we have to remember it are dry bones, cave paintings and stone tools. However, this is a culture from whence we all sprang.

Play a traveller on a great journey, a wise woman leading her clan,or a bold hunter full of fear at his first mammoth kill.

Using the popular Legend RPG rules, Land of Ice and Stone provides a set of rules, races, cultural backgrounds, professions allowing you to play in the oldest of our cultures – the Old Stone Age.

So, come and face the fierce mammoths, the cave lions, cave bears, the strange red men and the most dangerous foe of all – the Icy Cold.

You can grab your own copy of Land of Ice and Stone here; ... gtone.html
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Re: New Deus Vult & Land of Ice and Stone

Postby soltakss » Sun May 03, 2015 11:31 am

Someone asked me some questions about The Land of Ice and Stone over at The RPG Site, the thread is
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