Revolutionary/Napoleanic Historical RPG's

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Revolutionary/Napoleanic Historical RPG's

Postby Chumbly » Thu Oct 20, 2011 10:14 pm

Despite the Revolutionary/Napoleanic Historical being the great grandaddy of miniature War gaming, there doesn't seem to be any Revolutionary/Napoleanic Historical RPG's out there.

There are is rife for opportunity for adventure gaming..
1. Military Campaign games(follow a small band of soldiers as they campaign through the years,
e.g the Great Retreat from Moscow
2. Revolutionary cells trying to overthrow the Monarichial/Aristocratic systems
3. Emigre Group games.. Agents of the Bourbons, or conquered German territories.. Soldiers in units
like the King German Legion/ the Brunswick Black Band(kind of the Free French of their Day)
4. Irish Wild Geese in the French Irish Legion or members of the United Irishmen Uprising.
5. Spanish,Portugese and Russian partisans
6 Naval and Merchant campaign's.. Fight close gunnery and boarding actions using deckplans, Play British merchantmen trying to evade foes like American Privateers,Frigates or Pirates like Lafitte(Or play Pirates/Privateers or Commerce Raiding American/French Navies)
7. War in the North American wilderness..(Be an Kentucky Militiaman fighting for manifest destiny and the conquest of Canada), A band of Tecumseh's Indian Confederacy Braves fighting in small actions the length of Mississippi River Valley for their people's survival against the Americans.British advisers to the Indians, British Regulars in Canada.. English and French Canadian Militiamen fighting to keep the American Invaders out of Canada. New Englanders plotting treason and secession against the United States. New Orleans... a city where few people's loyalties can be counted on by anyone. The burnings of Toronto and Washington

8. Caribbean Adventures...Haiti Revolt, unrest in Spanish America's
9 Smugglers and other Criminals
10. Scarlett Pimpernal campaigns.. saving innocents from the Guillotine and Revolutionary Committees

Actually, even a source book to a system like PathFinder would be good.

I don't really think Mongoose is likely to jump on this, but somebody should. It is actually a good Historical RPG setting, as long a you are are not looking for DnD kill the the monster of the moment, using the flashiest magic spell type of rpg. :roll:

And other than than townsfolk...this is one rpg setting where finding miniatures shouldn't be too hard :lol:
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Re: Revolutionary/Napoleanic Historical RPG's

Postby chrisdw » Fri Oct 21, 2011 11:30 am

I know of three existing attempts

GURPS Age of Napoleon (Steve Jackson Games)
Duty and Honor (Omihedron Games)
In Harms Way (Flying Mice Games)

No idea how these play though.
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Re: Revolutionary/Napoleanic Historical RPG's

Postby Wolfsbane » Sun Oct 23, 2011 5:32 pm

And the box set Privateers and Gentlemen - focusing on the U.S. maratime experience from our first 50 years, an RPG and a miniatures game together.
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Re: Revolutionary/Napoleanic Historical RPG's

Postby Stainless » Mon Oct 24, 2011 3:00 pm

I completely agree with you Crumbly.

I'd add to the list by chrisdw "Beat to Quarters" which is also from Omnihedron Games.

I think BRP, Legend or the new Cakebread & Walton Renaissance systems could be adapted fairly easily.

It's a mystery tome why the Napoleonic era doesn't feature more often in RPGs. There's more than enough larger-than-life real life adventures to fuel many a game, let alone gaining inspiration from fiction set in this era. War, guns, swords, cannons, spies, naval battles, cavalry charges, class structures, bodices, etc. What's there not to like?!

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