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Signs and Portents Contents Issue 90

Posted: Mon Feb 28, 2011 9:04 pm
by The Greek
Contents for this issue include:

Conception 2011 - A report on probably the best annual RPG convention in the UK.
Kat's Tales - A new campaign begins here in the legendary adventures of the Mongoose staff.

For RuneQuest
World of Spirits - The follow up article to Shamanism for Fun and Prophets.
The Sick Knight's Tales - The theft of a holy relic leads the heiromonks to investigate a small corner of Normandy.
The Enterprise - A preview of the Quintessence supplement for Clockwork and Chivalry, featuring the moon sailship Enterprise.

For Traveller
Balancing Books - ways to make that rustbucket free trader to pay its way.
The Money Pit - Following on from Balancing Books we introdue you to a rustbucket free trader...
Mass Battles - A simple system for dealing quickly with larger scale fights.
Armed and Dangerous - An encounter for the Judge Dredd setting.

For Lone Wolf
Lof Uncovered Part II - The areas of the city begin to be described.

Return of the Table. Yes, a piece of furniture can cause multiple clone deaths. This article examines how to increase lethality using an everyday item.

Noble Armada
Decados and Hawkwood - the ships of these two houses are examined.

The magazine will be up on this website sometime tomorrow, probably around mid-day (no promises, mind)