A Mongoose Setting Competition

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A Mongoose Setting Competition

Postby tzunder » Wed Jan 07, 2009 9:48 pm

Hold a competition for a setting, preferably using the core Mongoose systems (RQ/Trav/OGL), which would consist of a set write up in a defined format, whilst not actually the final product. Essentially a 10-20 page "pitch".

The top 3 could be chosen either by Mongoose or a public poll, and the rules would allow Mongoose an option to take up and develop the idea within a year (or so) after which it fall back to the original copyright holder.

This would be for original, and not licensed ideas.

Of course if it was public vote then Mongoose would have to be able to disagree and option any of the entries that they saw as commercially viable and a fit for the product lines.

After all, just cos it's funky don't make it sell.

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