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Postby tzunder » Thu Mar 24, 2011 9:58 am

This seems a good candidate for a fan game using Traveller.

Most of what you need is published in the various Andromeda fan/official websites, and Traveller can handle the SF gaming easily.

You might want to up the cinematic nature of the rules a litte, maybe let gene modded types last a litttle longer on their feet, but it's all there.

You would need to use a different type of explanation for FTL spaceships, but that would be done easily even with current ships, the rules for different types of FTL are basically there in the main rulebook.

Most of the ultra high tech seemed to have only survived from the old Commonwealth, so actually the tech level is quite decayed, with just the TV characters having AIs and uber ships.

No need for new careers, maybe a few quirky weapons, but essentially with a web browser, the main rulebook and some prep time you're good to go.

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