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Mongoose News - Traveller Fiction: Wet Work

Postby MongooseMatt » Fri Feb 14, 2020 10:37 am

The latest short story for Traveller is now out - Wet Work, by Chris A.Jackson

You can grab your own copy right here:

Henley is a problem solver, an operative for the General Development Corporation, a covert soldier in the war to secure humanity’s place in the galaxy. The Trojan Reaches has many problems, but there is literally something fishy going on in the Dolberg system. Dolberg sits just on the other side of the Imperial border, primarily water, with a human population over two hundred million. In any normal instance, this planet would be ripe for the picking, but there’s one problem. The entire human population is under psychic control by deep-sea alien whales, the hursuuun, who have little interest in commerce, development, or the Imperium.

This simply won’t do. It’s time to go fishing, and Henley is prepared to wipe out the entire hursuuun population to free the human population from slavery. His mission would be a lot easier if the humans wanted to be free.

This story comes in Mobi, ePub and PDF formats.

Matthew Sprange

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