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Mongoose News - A Warrior's Soul

Postby MongooseMatt » Wed May 15, 2019 7:17 am

Wednesday comes around, and that means more Traveller fiction!

Today, we have A Warrior's Soul by Chris A. Jackson, a tale of Aslan honour and courage set against the expectations of a rigid society.

You can grab your own copy right here: ... ebook.html

What is an Aslan warrior to do when his flesh does not mirror his soul? There is little honour to be found on the exile planet of Kteiroa, but when Tikhnal is challenged by a dishonourable braggart, there is no recourse but to fight. But the braggard isn’t just a brute. He is out for gain, planning to step over Tikhnal's corpse to take the one thing he has left – his ship.

However, to fight a duel to the death means responsibility. Killing a warrior is more than victory. It means taking on that warrior’s possessions, debts, and, in some cases, his entire family. The last thing Tikhnal wanted was a wife, let alone two, but he vows to do the honourable thing. He will make them an offer, but to do that, he must tell them the secret that could bring about ruin, and then death.

Matthew Sprange

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