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Mongoose News - New Traveller Adventures

Postby MongooseMatt » Fri Aug 03, 2018 10:23 am

Two new Traveller adventures are now in print - The Borderland Run and Mission to Mithril! You can grab them right here: ... d-run.html ... thril.html

In The Borderland Run the Travellers are engaged to pick up a cargo from a remote outsystem world and convey it to the starport at the Aslan world of Tyokh; a simple enough delivery job, with the chance to engage in a little speculative trading along the way. However, there are those who do not want the cargo to be delivered… and the cargo agrees with them.

Mission to Mithril is in part homage to the Classic Traveller adventure, Mission on Mithril, and in part a sequel. This adventure takes place on the world of Mithril, a cold, low-population frontier world. The Travellers land at Mithril’s rudimentary starport, only to find their vessel disabled and the base strangely empty. As the Travellers explore, they discover there may be survivors of whatever happened at the port. A distant distress beacon is detected, but reaching it requires an overland trek. Having located the survivors, the Travellers discover their problems are only just beginning…


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